Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get rid of the Fad

I am sure we are all well aware of the multitude of fad diets, diet gimmicks and paid weight loss programs.  Many of us have likely experimented with them and most of us who have experimented with them have failed.  Not because we are failures, but because diets fail.  We go on a diet, we go off a diet.  We lose weight, we gain it back.  That's the cycle. Just another reason for keeping your goals reasonable and your food simple. I thought I'd do a bit of research and comprise a list of fad diets, diet gimmicks and paid diet programs from A to Z.* 

A- Atkins
B- Blood type
C- Cabbage Soup
D- Dukan
F- Fruitarian
G- Glycemic Index
I- Instinct
J- Jenny Craig
K- Special K
L- Liquid
M- Master Cleanser
O- Oxygen
Q- Quantum Eating
R- Raw
S- South Beach, Subway
T- Tapeworm
U- Ultimate Weight Solution
V- Volumetrics
W- Weight Watchers
X- X-Factor
Y-Yoga Body
Z- Zone

*This list is not all-inclusive.

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