Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Simple Saturday Morning

It's Saturday morning...early! I was hoping the little ones would sleep in and I could have some peace and quiet to write and have a cup of coffee before they awoke.  But, such is life with children.  Now as I write I am also getting them set-up for their morning routine: cuddle, watch their favorite shows, breakfast, etc.  Good thing I can multitask.  What's for breakfast, you ask?  Good old fashioned oatmeal!   Yes, the kids do in fact like it.  I make it from whole oats using nonfat milk (Calcium), a bit of brown sugar, raisins (fiber, fruit) and a tad of butter.  The kids say it tastes like cookie dough!  It is pretty darn good.  Serve it with a fruit of their choice. (it's good to give them some autonomy with food choices).  What if your kids gag at the thought of oatmeal?  You have to keep reintroducing it.  Try it this way for a change.  It has to taste good and for many kids, it has to be a little sweet!  Maybe you are surprised to see that I use butter and sugar?  Don't be.  I believe in real ingredients and real food.....simple!

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