Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simple Snacks for the Young (and young at heart)

I prepare snacks for my family daily.  But I am often asked for recommendations for healthy snack ideas.  So here goes!

Whole wheat pita or flat bread with hummus or white bean dip
Carrots/cucumber/peppers and hummus or yogurt dip
Apple slices with caramel (hey, if it gets them eating apples, so be it!)
Berries with yogurt
Yogurt with sliced almonds and/or wheat germ
Banana with peanut/sun/almond butter
Good ol' fashioned cheese and crackers (preferably crackers without partially hydrogenated oils)
Cereal and milk (my son's fave)
Cottage cheese with or without fruit
On-the-go bars (read label for one's without high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, food dyes, etc)
Nuts (make your own trail mix and let the "kids" pick the ingredients)

Here's a few ideas for ya!  I hope you enjoy and are willing to try a new thing or two.  Introduce something new to your family today.  If you lead by example, it's amazing what will follow!  Enjoy and keep it simple!

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